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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finally Utapri Shining Live news reaction

As I play catch up with this blog I do not want to wait too much longer before commenting the big news. And that is after being completely silent for a couple of months the Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live website has updated with plenty of information to digest as it looks like they are finally ramping up for a release.

One of the first things that stand out is that the website comes in three languages now, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and English. The latter two are rather bare outside of the announcement that there will be version releases of the game for them "coming soon". The Japanese version has basic information about the game to look through as well as having information about special presents set for the game launch.

Right now those special presents are a ticket to pick a UR of your choice for the game. The other came from a twitter campaign they are running and after getting 100,000 followers everyone will get 100 prisms, which look to be the in-game currency for scouting.

Those announcements are a great sign that things are likely ramping up for a release of the game in the near future. Of course there is no news for a date but hopefully we are not kept waiting for much longer, especially if Broccoli/Klab want to launch it before the other major male idol rhythm game, Idolmaster Side M Live on Stage. 

Of course even with the competition for the Japanese app market having it set to be a world wide release is exciting, as there really is nothing out there now. Out of all the male idol rhythm games it does make some sense for Utapri to be the one willing to tackle the English speaking world. The anime series has been available for English speaking fans to watch for years and in that sense has a much larger presence with that group. While the other games may have anime series in the making or recently aired they still lack the build up of the brand that Utapri was able to enjoy as the trendsetter. Plus Broccoli, unlike the general anime viewing public, will have the actual numbers behind the views of the streams and sales of what has been released. So they should know if it looks like it could a success. And partnering with the one company that already has successfully launched and kept a similar game going just makes sense. 

Honestly I had just about given up on the idea of any other franchise coming over with a rhythm game so the news makes me so happy. I already plan on making my English account my main, as I doubt the JP server will be sharing with the other languages. I could be wrong and would not mind to be so as I know no matter what when the JP version launches I will be getting it in a heartbeat. 

Right now I am expecting not to hear much more news until the game is announced to be coming out, and I would not be surprised if that happens only a few days before it does. But no matter what I will be downloading this app as soon as I can.