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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ensemble Stars, my new idol hell

While I have not given up my other idol games I have finally been won over by Ensemble Stars. I had tried out the game in the past off and on but never stuck with it until now.

I put much of that on the fact there is a character that I outright love instead of just like, Mikejima Madara. It definitely helps that Madara has the same voice actor as my favorite Utapri boy, Aijima Cecil, is the big brother type that I like and has his birthday only a few days before mine. So Madara is just perfect and easily best boy for me.

That all said with the account I currently have, as I had of course had to start anew, everything seemed to fall into place. I got my second best boy, Sakuma Rei, as my starting 4 star without having to use the reroll button during the tutorial and my first pull I got my first 5 star. And I started in the middle of an event so while I could not even get up to the points I needed for the 4 star it dropped for me so I did not have to.

Then my second scout gave the entire Card Battler set, so I have been rather vocal cursed so far. The dance and performance 4 stars were very welcome additions to my teams so I could have something that was higher than a 3 star.

So Happy Elements has got me between debuting a character I love and really good luck for these first couple of pulls.

I have plenty more to say but unfortunately not the time today, but I will be showing off my journey into this new idol hell for me from now on here.

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