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Monday, May 1, 2017

A reminder why soloyolos are bad.

This post is mostly for my benefit so if I have the impulse to soloyolo to come look at this to remember why soloyolos are a bad idea.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was close to getting the five Blue Tickets I would need to do a pull from the BT SR box and decided to soloyolo my way to it. I was also hoping to get something from the solos.

The first solo is just what one would expect so no need to feel too disappointed. Have to go get some more gems though to do the next two.

And then we follow up with another R.

And the fourth and final pull gives me the kind of disappointment that I know I should expect from soloyoloing.

And my prize with the BT scout... the Initial Hanamaru SR.

I am not completely broken up about the BT scout as Hanamaru is my second best Aqours girl and her initial SR is really cute in both versions. It just is nothing close to the UR or SSR I was hoping for and there are plenty of other SRs I would have been happier to get. But still, this was a waste and I need to avoid the solo urge as it leads me to disappointment more often than not.

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