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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Deresute soloyoloing

I have been off and on with Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage for a while now but a couple of months back I went ahead and created an account so I would not be starting over each time I came back to the game after I deleted it. I am glad that I have my current account as it has been ridiculously lucky. Tonight's scouting adventure being a good example of this.

I had wanted to try to get another Cute SR or above as I only have two Cute SRs and a Cute SSR. I was far away from being able to do a 10 pull but I could do four soloyolos. I caved and did the soloyolos, praying that I would get the Cute SR I needed at least.

This was the second pull. As I mentioned before this account has been lucky with pulls and this is my fourth SSR, and I only just reached level 48 and have done four 10 pulls before this. I also seem to always pull a featured SSR when I do so I could not be too surprised I got the Jougasaki Rika.

This is my first Passion SSR, so I was so happy to have pulled her as I now have tri-colored SSRs. Though I am not a fan of the Overload skill but I have a healer SR to help balance that out for my main team. That and I am not trying songs that are above my skill level for the current event so I should not have to worry about not passing a song.

I still needed a Cute SR or above though so I did the other two solos and the final one gave me what I had been hoping for. I gladly welcomed Mimura Kanako home and she already has a place on my Cute team that now only needs one more SR or above to no longer need any Rs. I plan on being more patient to fill that final slot, I do have to awaken what I have first and I can easily get an SR from an event instead of having to test my luck again.

I think I have a good start with this account when it comes to team building. If I make sure to at least get a single copy of the event SRs from here on out I should be able to fill my teams well enough. Not so much with this event as I already have plenty of Passion SRs and I have Kohinata Miho's SSR so I do not think I can have an SR of her on the same team. Though both will be nice as support for my teams at least. Hopefully one of the next events will have the Cute and Cool SRs I need to fill my main teams.

Now with this posted I am going back to trying to make some head way on all the events that are going on for the games I am playing. Including this one.

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