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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wading through the tomato sea: LLSIF tiering

About a couple of days after the latest Love Live School Idol Festival event began I decided that I was going to tier for it. Of course trying for T1 is above what I feel I can accomplish and honestly being in T2 is just as good for me as I mainly want the second copy to idolize the card.

I still do not feel quite recovered but at least I can say that I was successful. And I even managed to get some sleep that night. But my arms feel tired from the constant grinding for several nights in a row and I am quite happy to not have to worry about letting LP go to waste.
Tiering was not the only goal I succeeded in as I finally was able to completely clear all the event point prizes for the first time. It was a big help to get those loveca from the prizes as I ended up not having to get into the loveca I am trying to save up to scout for the dancer set.

I am quite happy to have this Umi honestly. She may not be a favorite character but I much prefer her idolized version over her non-idolized version. And one of my favorite sets is the dancer set and her outfit here is the same theme and looks just as lovely.

But Maki is the true prize and I love this card so much. Both versions of it, and with 4.0 I can enjoy both with this whenever I want. I still end up smiling just thinking about having this card and all teh soreness and tiredness feels worth it.

The only events I want to even think about tiering that I know are coming up are the Rin token event and the first two challenge fests that of course feature Maki and Rin. Other than that I want to take it easy with tiers outside of making sure to get into T3 for the ones like the upcoming Chika/Riko token event so I can at least get one copy of each event card.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Photokatsu - A picture worth a thousand words of cute

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have picked up playing Photo Katsu, the mobile game for the Ai Katsu series. I honestly have seen nothing of the anime series for this franchise and decided to give the game a try because it was cute and another idol rhythm game.

This is actually my second try at the game. The first time I just could not get into it, but I am glad I gave it another shot. It felt easier to get into this time around and I got to make it to my first 10+1 scout that gave me what looks to be a lucky draw as I managed to get a PR (Premium Rare), which is the highest card level in the game.

Since then I managed to do another scout and got luckier still with getting two PRs. That said my poor Cute team is languishing behind the other attribute teams as while I only have PRs for Pop and Cool my Sexy team at least has a couple of SRs.

Having the game play be rather different than the other rhythm games I play is something I actually enjoy. Figuring out the system and what all I can do helps keep me engaged and I feel so happy when I figure something out or discover something new.

The art style is on the simple side but thanks to that the quality of the cards is steady so it is hard to come across a card that is aesthetically unpleasant. In fact the PRs tend to be on the beautiful side of things and already I am in love with some of the few I have seen.

Overall this game is just cute which of course is one of my major weaknesses. And it is a game that I do not feel pressured into playing constantly. Sure doing well in the events would be nice but I do not feel too heartbroken if I miss out on some of the higher prizes. And since I am still figuring things out staying on the easier levels is a comfort.

So this game is staying around on my phone this time. It is a good source of cute and is a game I can let myself relax with.