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Friday, September 15, 2017

Shining Live, Shining Life

So Uta no Prince-sama Shining Live launched with no warning and basically is my life now. Or at least has become my top game that I put most of my time and effort into. 

Honestly I was worried that the game would not be as enjoyable as I hoped it to be but that worry was in vain as I love this game. And not just because of the franchise. Klab went a different direction with it than what they have done with Love Live School Idol Festival and really put together something that is different enough from other games to stand apart but remains simple enough that it is easy to get into. 

As of now the first event is over and the next will be starting in a few days and the first card set is out with the second to have the second half to be released in about a week or so. Patterns are falling into place and it looks like no one will have to wait too long for best boy to show up as a UR between two sets being released every month and then the events having a UR you can get from them. 

All Cecil team before event.
I have been enjoying myself with it. I can proudly say that I have all the Cecil cards that have been released so far as best boy seems to love me back. That and I am having more luck with this game than any other gacha game I have ever played. But there is no way I will complain as I loved this franchise well before getting into this side of idol hell.

The only issues I see at the moment is that there is a level cap currently, for level 100, and that unless you are a very casual fan then by now you should have gone through all the story content and have unlocked all the songs currently available. But most of that boils down to the fact that this is still a rather new game and they are bound to change with time.  

I may get more in-depth with the game in future posts. I have really fallen in love with this game. So much so I am getting into the fandom instead of just sticking to my little corner of it. I still keep hoping that the fandom grows, which this game should help with especially when the WW/EN version comes out. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Initial Madara blessed me

Getting back to going over my journey with Ensemble Stars my scouting luck was pretty amazing overall. My free pulls for the 2nd anniversary of the game not much so as I got to experience the dreaded 3 star only pulls. I did not bother to screencap those, because who does?

But before those free pulls there was a pull I had to do no matter what. The character that finally got me hooked into this game, Mikejima Madara, was added to the game with his first 4 star and the usual trio of 3 stars. While my pull was successful in getting the 4 star, though not as successful with getting all the 3 stars, I ended up with a bonus Akehoshi Subaru 5 star. A welcome addition as it helped break by vocal curse.

Of the three free pulls I only had one non-all 3 star pulls, which of course was the guaranteed 4 star one. I did not realize that it would have been better to save a scout for the start of the next month so I could have gotten two of those instead but with my account being as new as it was anything above a 2 star was helpful. I only screen capped the 4 star pull where I got my first copy of Mashiro Tomoya's initial 4 star.

With Madara getting his first event 5 star I knew I was going to have to keep building up my teams if I wanted to get him. The best way to do that is of course to scout in the box for the card set released right before the event. These cards are given special boosts on your teams, making it much easier to gain points during the event itself. Luck blessed me again with at least giving me the 5 star of the set, plus one of the 3 stars.

At this point even if the point 5 star was not Madara I felt the need to get it as it was a dance attribute, and with how overpowered my vocal team was at that point in comparison to the rest it would be a much needed addition.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Idolish7 2nd anniversary scouting

Idolish7 is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and being very kind to its players for it. They are giving a free 10 + 1 pull and then 7 free solo yolos to all players. Then there is a special box that your first pull s, solo yolo and 10 + 1, are discounted by 50%. There is another box for the kuji card sets but you have to by stella stones to scout in that and I want to remain f2p with this game for now. Maybe if they bring it back next anniversary I will cave.

Overall I did rather well with the boxes I went for and even had to expand my box as there never seems to be enough space in it for this game.

But my free 10 + 1 pull was all about my second and third best boys. Second boy being Ryuunosuke so getting his Taisho card was great. For Iori it was mostly just the joy of getting SR doubles that I have been needing. And even fourth best boy, Mitsuki, made an appearance with the first of the 2nd anniversary cards I managed to get.

So I now have this lovely Sakura Message SSR as well as Iori's occupation SSR, but that one is not nearly as lovely so no screen cap for it.

Most of the free solo yolos yielded nothing of value but I was able to get one more of the special 2nd anniversary SSRs. I was so happy to see that it was the Iori x Ryuu one, the only way to have topped it was to get the one of my best boy. Then the discounted solo yolo blessed me with another one from the set and I will not complain with getting more Riku and Yamato.

My 50 star jewel pull was the perfect end to my scouting. It gave me plenty of white/gray hair boys, including my best boy Sougo with the special 2nd anniversary cross talk SSR. I honestly felt I managed to get everything I could have hoped for with these pulls and I can start saving for Ryuu's birthday box.

I hope everyone else had good pulls and if you want to start playing the game this is probably the best time as you can start off with free pulls.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

First steps into Enstars

I have been taking screenshots over the past couple months since starting playing Ensemble Stars so I figured that it would be best to share them as a journey into this idol hell.

Honestly I have tried to get into Enstars in the past before but never really got into it much. I did keep a passing interest as it did seem to have some elements to it that I would enjoy, such as being character driven and a good mix of melodrama. This latest attempt, that actually succeeded in pulling me into this game, had my interest piqued with the announcement of the character Mikejima Madara being  introduced to the game. I fell in love with the character quickly and decided to give the game another shot just for him.

I did not screen cap my first scouting pull but with it I got Shino Hajime's initial 5 star card. With also getting Sakuma Rei as my initial 4 star with my first try I just knew at this point this was the account I was going to be sticking with.

My second scout confirmed that. I had started playing in the middle of the Easter Night event and only managed to get the point 4 star card as it dropped for me. Something I was happy enough with as I did not really know the characters all that well so I was just happy to get something stronger than a 3 star. After the event I decided to go for scouting in the box for the latest card set released, the Card Battler set. In the one pull I did in the box I managed to get all four cards that were in the set, which of course meant the 5 and 4 star.

My account being as new as it was it was all welcome, even if it meant I could not enjoy the bonus stats the set would have had during the event. But going two for two with getting 5 stars for my scouting was not something I would disappointed with.

So after my first event this is where I stood when it comes to 5 and 4 star cards. My vocal team easily being the strongest with the only one with any 5 stars at this point. And for a new account this is rather fantastic. I have seen scouting videos where people have brought up never pulling a 5 star with a scout and having to get them with the events.

And after this is am mostly waiting for Madara to start getting cards in the game at that point so I could truly begin my journey as a MadaraP.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Finally Utapri Shining Live news reaction

As I play catch up with this blog I do not want to wait too much longer before commenting the big news. And that is after being completely silent for a couple of months the Uta no Prince-sama: Shining Live website has updated with plenty of information to digest as it looks like they are finally ramping up for a release.

One of the first things that stand out is that the website comes in three languages now, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and English. The latter two are rather bare outside of the announcement that there will be version releases of the game for them "coming soon". The Japanese version has basic information about the game to look through as well as having information about special presents set for the game launch.

Right now those special presents are a ticket to pick a UR of your choice for the game. The other came from a twitter campaign they are running and after getting 100,000 followers everyone will get 100 prisms, which look to be the in-game currency for scouting.

Those announcements are a great sign that things are likely ramping up for a release of the game in the near future. Of course there is no news for a date but hopefully we are not kept waiting for much longer, especially if Broccoli/Klab want to launch it before the other major male idol rhythm game, Idolmaster Side M Live on Stage. 

Of course even with the competition for the Japanese app market having it set to be a world wide release is exciting, as there really is nothing out there now. Out of all the male idol rhythm games it does make some sense for Utapri to be the one willing to tackle the English speaking world. The anime series has been available for English speaking fans to watch for years and in that sense has a much larger presence with that group. While the other games may have anime series in the making or recently aired they still lack the build up of the brand that Utapri was able to enjoy as the trendsetter. Plus Broccoli, unlike the general anime viewing public, will have the actual numbers behind the views of the streams and sales of what has been released. So they should know if it looks like it could a success. And partnering with the one company that already has successfully launched and kept a similar game going just makes sense. 

Honestly I had just about given up on the idea of any other franchise coming over with a rhythm game so the news makes me so happy. I already plan on making my English account my main, as I doubt the JP server will be sharing with the other languages. I could be wrong and would not mind to be so as I know no matter what when the JP version launches I will be getting it in a heartbeat. 

Right now I am expecting not to hear much more news until the game is announced to be coming out, and I would not be surprised if that happens only a few days before it does. But no matter what I will be downloading this app as soon as I can.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ensemble Stars, my new idol hell

While I have not given up my other idol games I have finally been won over by Ensemble Stars. I had tried out the game in the past off and on but never stuck with it until now.

I put much of that on the fact there is a character that I outright love instead of just like, Mikejima Madara. It definitely helps that Madara has the same voice actor as my favorite Utapri boy, Aijima Cecil, is the big brother type that I like and has his birthday only a few days before mine. So Madara is just perfect and easily best boy for me.

That all said with the account I currently have, as I had of course had to start anew, everything seemed to fall into place. I got my second best boy, Sakuma Rei, as my starting 4 star without having to use the reroll button during the tutorial and my first pull I got my first 5 star. And I started in the middle of an event so while I could not even get up to the points I needed for the 4 star it dropped for me so I did not have to.

Then my second scout gave the entire Card Battler set, so I have been rather vocal cursed so far. The dance and performance 4 stars were very welcome additions to my teams so I could have something that was higher than a 3 star.

So Happy Elements has got me between debuting a character I love and really good luck for these first couple of pulls.

I have plenty more to say but unfortunately not the time today, but I will be showing off my journey into this new idol hell for me from now on here.

Monday, May 1, 2017

A reminder why soloyolos are bad.

This post is mostly for my benefit so if I have the impulse to soloyolo to come look at this to remember why soloyolos are a bad idea.

A few weeks ago I noticed that I was close to getting the five Blue Tickets I would need to do a pull from the BT SR box and decided to soloyolo my way to it. I was also hoping to get something from the solos.

The first solo is just what one would expect so no need to feel too disappointed. Have to go get some more gems though to do the next two.

And then we follow up with another R.

And the fourth and final pull gives me the kind of disappointment that I know I should expect from soloyoloing.

And my prize with the BT scout... the Initial Hanamaru SR.

I am not completely broken up about the BT scout as Hanamaru is my second best Aqours girl and her initial SR is really cute in both versions. It just is nothing close to the UR or SSR I was hoping for and there are plenty of other SRs I would have been happier to get. But still, this was a waste and I need to avoid the solo urge as it leads me to disappointment more often than not.